I have always had an interest in being creative and in baking.  My family owned an arts and crafts store when I was growing up and I have tried just about every craft that you can name at least once and some that you may never have heard of!

Even coming from a large family of 11 my mother took the time to make desserts from scratch.  Homemade fudge, Christmas roll out cookies, Mexican wedding cakes, rosettes, Easter Lamb cake, pate a choux and my mothers “Aunt Rita’s famous cheesecake” that was sold at my cousins restaurant to name a few.

It wasn’t until I moved to France with my husband after we married that my real interest in French Pastries took hold.  I was working part time so I had plenty of time to explore the city. My eyes would pop out at all the beautiful window displays of amazing chocolates, macarons, classic French cakes at the Patisseries as well as the flakey croissants and baguette’s in the Boulangeries.

I kept my love of pastries and baking alive as a hobby and after raising my three girls I went to Culinary School to get my Professional Pastry Chef degree.  After graduating I worked in a Chocolate shop for 3 ½ years making beautiful artisan chocolates.  I now work at a shop part time making French macarons of various flavors.

Teaching classes in my home allows me to share my love of chocolates and pastries with others in a fun and casual setting.